Parents & Carers Testimonials

inverted-commas-leftVery happy with the progress ‘S’ has made during this year. It will be sad to see when ‘S’ leaves in July. Keep up the good work and hope my next child is with you in a few years timeinverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-left‘F’ has really enjoyed herself and learnt so much at Honey Bears. She is more confident and interacts better with her peers and also her teachers. I am particularly impressed with the high level of reading and writing which she has reached in such a short time. This will give her a good head start to receptioninverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-left‘T’ has enjoyed her first year at Honey Bears and has progressed very well. She doesn’t like not being at ‘school’. She’s very much looking forward to returning in Septemberinverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-left‘H’ has really thrived here and developed in so many areas. His experience has been second to none and the support from staff has been excellent. ‘H’ will certainly miss Honey Bears and his sister will be coming here in the future. Thank you so muchinverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftThank you for all your support on helping ‘R’ to be confident and opening up! She has become very talkative and not shy anymore. This is an excellent nursery, keep up the good work!inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftThank you for all you do for ‘L’. It shows as she loves coming and has great fun!inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftWell organised and fun presentation. It was lovely that all children participated. Informative EYFS focus for us too. Well done!inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftNo words to explain how well the children performed. They have amazing confidence!inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftWe have loved every minute of being part of this lovely nursery! Will be so sad to leave everyone but have amazing memories.inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftThank you for caring for ‘A’ over the last two years. She has loved her Honey Bears family. It has been great to have her grow and learn in this school. She will be more prepared for reception. Thank you.inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftTo all at Honey Bears, thank you for all you have done for ‘G’. She had a lovely couple of years. We’ll miss you all very much. inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftBoth ‘C’ and ‘M’ enjoyed being at the nursery. The staffs are fantastic. I will be sad to leave but will definitely recommend the nursery to everyone. Thank you for all your hard work.inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftThank you for organising Really lovely event with opportunities for all the children to get involved. Great balance of structured and free play ‘A’ loved it.inverted-commas-right

inverted-commas-leftExcellent presentation, the children were very at ease and delighted. ‘E’ has been talking about it since. Thanks for all your hard work.inverted-commas-right